Gaines County Library System

Gaines County Library Summer Reading - TEENS

 Main Library - Seminole 

 Branch Library - Seagrave

Helpful Information for Summer Reading Program 2017
Last Day to Register: Friday, June 30

Pages, Goal is based on Reading Level
Youth Pages: The books are found in the Junior or YA section. 1,000 PAGES
Teens Pages: The books are found in the Junior or YA section.  1,600 PAGES

Incentive Prizes:
Youth/ Teen reading Pages receive an incentive prize when they read 250/ 400 pages, then 250/ 400 pages, then 250/ 400 pages.
     When the youth reads
250/ 400 more pages they will have finished their
      reading goals and will be able to pick their very own new,

GUESS JAR: Every time a reader gets an incentive prize they get to guess how many things are in the BIG Guess Jar.

KEEP READING FOR THE TOP PRIZE IN YOUR READING LEVEL: After readers reach their reading goals they can keep reading and try for the top prize. At each incentive level, readers can take another guess at the BIG Guess Jar.

No Check-ins for SRP after 5:30 p.m.

Books must be checked out from Gaines County Library System Collection