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Use library tools and resources to discover new books and materials or do research online.

   Good Reads: What should I read next suggestions, series titles, book reviews, top sellers, author interviews, and news headlines. We'll get you pointed in the right direction.

   Texas Law Help: Free online resource for legal information — A searchable Guide to Texas Civil Courts. Knowledge is Power.

TexShare Databases: Try these databases filled with magazine articles, encyclopedia entries, and other materials to help you discover more on any subject, from general interest to business, hobbies, and more. Please see your librarian for the password.

  Selected Texas Sites: What's good on the Web about Texas.

  Gazebo Roundtable: It's a Blog. So post and share your favorite books with other Gaines County Library patrons. We will be glad to show you how this works.

  Zip Code Lookup: Find a zip code fast. Use the Web for IRS Tax Products and Information.  Look up a word - find the definition. Look up a word - find the synonym. The artist's bluebook - the recognized site about American artists.

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Current Topics: Selected Essays from Salem Press to
Help Explore Current Events
Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism & Populism,
Violent Demonstrations and Race Relations

Grey House: This is Who We Were:
From 1880–1899, A Companion to the 1940 Census, In The 1900s, In The 1910s, In The 1920s, In The 1940s, In The 1950s, In The 1960s, In The 1970s,
In The 1980s, In The 1990s, In The 2000s

Value of a Dollar:
The Value of a Dollar, Colonial Era to the Civil War