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Gaines County Library System

Art & Music


Coloring Pages
Bats, Bears, Birds and beasts need a little color in their life.

PBS Coloring Pages
Daniel Tiger coloring pages to keep you entertained for hours.

Sesame Street Art
Color sheets A to Z; 1,2,3; Make Your Own; Draw-By-Numbers. All Day Long!

Art Games
Compose your own art masterpiece and play tons of fun interactive games that will put your creative juices to the test.

Hands on Crafts
Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty playing in the mud. Or stay clean and make your own shirts and baskets.

Hands on Crafts for Kids – Projects
Projects - Funky flip flops, luxurious lip balm, petroglyphs and pillowcases as well as tons of other things to make from things that are around the house.

Art Room

The Art Room
Play Artist scrabble, solve the mystery of the missing Mona Lisa, or test your skills by going on an art treasure hunt.

Bottle Caps to Brushes
Use ordinary things around the house to make extraordinary works of art.

National Gallery of Art Kids Page
Is that Napoleon on skates? Explore these beautiful (and bizarre) works of art through games and activities.

Music Time

Classics for Kids
Have fun online with classical music games. Compose your own music and share it with your friends; repeat the rockin' rhythms; and listen to the music online.

Be a funk master DJ, check it out. Break it down by spinning your own mixes. You control the turntable; you control the noise.

PBS: Chuck Vanderchuck's "Something Something" Explosion
An immersive, interactive online experience with the goal of helping kids understand music, ear training, and music composition. This musical game experience was created for 6 to 9 year-olds.

PBS Music
"Feel the Music" with Daniel Tiger. Music is one way we all have to express our feelings. Using both the keyboard and the mouse, you and your child can play this game together to create music that shows different feelings - happy, sad and mad. Your child might even want to dance to the music, too.