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U.S. Treasury Department
On April 2, 1792, Congress passed The Coinage Act, which created the Mint and authorized construction of a Mint building in the nation's capital, Philadelphia. Are you a numismatist? Would you like to learn what this is and how to become one? Check out this site!

H.I.P Pocket Change
Hang out with H.I.P. Pocket Change. Check out Money Games, 'Toons, Collectors Club, Mint History and more.

Money Factory
Learn about the newest Coins being made and why they are so beautiful. 

Kids Making Money
Learn how you can make money so you can buy that video game, or those new pair of Nikes. For Kids and Teens, Parents and Teachers, too.

Young Investors
Kids' Money is all about discovery and interaction. Become a part of it now. Start today building a better tomorrow for your kids.