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Gaines County Library System


The Exploratorium, San Francisco

This isn't just a museum; it's an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception—a vast collection of online experiences that feed your curiosity.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York for KIDS
#MetKids has been inspired, tested, and approved by real kids ages 7–12. Everyone can learn something from a kid-friendly explanation, and especially from the questions you are bold enough to ask.

Metropolitan Museum of Art BLOG for KIDS
This blog accompanies the #MetKids digital feature: made for, with, and by kids. Follow along for news and to discover what you can learn from the Museum's young visitors from around the world.

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 
Discover the Story of Texas!

The Smithsonian Institution
Explore the Museum at NIGHT, learn about GIANT deadly hornets, visit the National Zoo any day of the week via WebCams, and discover the Weather Lab.